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Textile Coating Services

We have experience in the handling and blending of aqueous polyurethane dispersion and are able to supply products to any specific viscosity. The textile coating service we provide is end-to-end, from pre-sales technical advice through to delivery and management of the supply chain, plus comprehensive after-sales support.

Our mixing equipment is only suitable for non-flammable materials and is routinely used to manufacture coatings up to 20,000 Cps. All products can be filtered into finished packaging via a 100-micron filter. Batch sizes range from 1000 to 7000Kg, and we can package productions into 1000Kg IBCs, 200Kh drums or a pail of either 20 or 25Kg.

To complement the polyurethane coating that we supply, we also manufacture a flame retardant dispersion. This can be added to the coatings in order to meet the stringent requirements of automotive industry regulations and consists of 60% w/w solids content. We use our high shear blender to ensure the homogeneity of the flame retardant coating, which is capable of producing batch sizes up to 1000Kg.

We are also able to toll manufacture customer formulations and have in-depth experience in scaling up from trial batch sizes to full-scale production. Included in this service is the preparation of CLP-compliant safety data sheets and labels. We can also design and print labels under your own branding.

Bespoke Product Manufacturing

Bespoke manufacturing vessels can be installed and dedicated to your own product or product range. This is important for certain critical products or when the required quantity dictates a dedicated mixing tank. We can either purchase the mixing equipment, or customers can site their own equipment in our manufacturing facility.

We are also able to add pigment to our textile coatings.

High Quality Material Procurement

We have strong business relationships with some of the world’s leading manufacturers of aqueous polyurethane dispersions and bromine-based flame retardants. This enables us to ensure a cost-effective and continuous supply for every one of our critical textile coatings.

Trusted UK Manufacturers

ReAgent is an ISO quality approved manufacturer of functional textile coatings in the UK. We manufacture around 1,000 tonnes per year of specialist formulation which is used in a variety of industries, such as the manufacture of automotive airbags.

Every textile coating we manufacture is in accordance with our ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 Quality and Environmental Standards. We also carry out some key requirements of supply to the automotive industry such as PPAP, Control Plans, PFMEA, and MSAs. We are currently working towards the TS16949 accreditation to ensure that we constantly developing and improving for our customers.

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Why choose ReAgent?

Professional business relationships
We've developed long standing professional relationships with many of our customers which has generated successful products and satisfied customers time and time again.
Limitless possibilities
All elements of our services are configurable from machinery and training to labels, packaging and delivery documentation. This allows us to pass on greater savings to our customers through increased efficiency and ensures we meet their exact requirements.
Fully managed supply chain
Not only do we source high quality raw materials to make your product we can also ship your products to anywhere in the world along with custom labels, packaging and delivery notes including your company branding.
Quality, reliable raw materials
Our global network of suppliers and in-house water plant mean access to high quality, excellent value raw materials is only a click away.

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