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An Efficient Chemical Bottling Service

ReAgent is one of the fastest and highest quality chemical bottling suppliers in the UK. We achieve this with our semi-automated, state-of-the-art bottling equipment. We can supply any container in any material, from small glass ampoules to 25-litre jerricans, and other packaging material. Our services are at their most efficient if you need chemicals from 1,000 litres up to around 20,000 litres to be bottled.

Our specialist bottling equipment includes:

  • Gravity-fed filling stations
  • Pump-fed bottle filling equipment
  • Peristaltic pumps
  • Semi-automatic filling machines
  • Volumetric filling equipment

A Range of Bottles

We provide a range of bottling options to meet the needs of your business. Additionally, we have a network of suppliers who can access further types of materials. This means that if we don’t stock what you’re looking for, we can order it in for you.

You can choose from a variety of bottles that range in size and material:

  • 5ml plastic dropper bottles – ideal for single-use applications
  • 100ml & 1-litre high-density polyethylene (HDPE) screw cap bottles – recyclable and durable
  • Glass bottles and ampoules – to accommodate more hazardous chemicals

Customisable Labels

Although our products are, by default, delivered bearing the ReAgent logo, we do offer a fully customisable bottle labelling service.

If you would like to label the product with your company’s details, we can use your custom labels or help you design the labels you need.

We use durable laser print polyethylene to make our labels, guaranteeing the best quality for every bottle. We also offer a range of standard sizes, as well as the option to specify custom dimensions. Our standard sizes are:

  • 2 to view – 148x210mm
  • 4 to view – 105x148mm
  • 8 to view – 74x105mm
  • 14 to view – 40x97mm

A Bottling Option for Every Chemical

Our specialist bottling equipment, range of materials, and customisable features mean we can provide an outstanding chemical bottling service across the UK. Additionally, we can bottle a variety of different substances including:

  • Corrosive acids
  • Alkalis
  • Toxic chemicals
  • Solutions of up to 50,000cP
  • Non-hazardous liquids and powders
  • Flammable liquids
  • Volatile solutions

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Why choose ReAgent?

A wealth of experience
With a track record spanning over 35 years, we have the experience and the expertise serve the needs of virtually any industry.
ISO accredited
We maintain an ISO 9001:2008 Quality Standard as well as an ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Standard.
Configurable and adaptable
Our facility is fully configurable to your requirements and our team are able to quickly adapt to the specific needs of a range of industries, products and standards.
Face to face contact and collaboration
We operate an open door policy at ReAgent. If you need to discuss anything or want to perform an audit of our facility just call to arrange a face to face meeting.

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