Quality Policy

ReAgent Chemical Services aims to become an industry leading manufacturer and supplier of chemical mixtures for use as analytical standards or general chemical reagents and repacking and supply of chemical products.

To reach this goal, it is the responsibility of all members of staff to focus on improving quality, and in turn, customer satisfaction. This can only be achieved through continual improvement in all aspects of the business from the initial customer enquiry through to delivery of the end product. Management are committed to providing the leadership and resources required to ensure that all customer requirements are consistently met.

The processes developed to complete the business plan are aimed at delivering products to the customer in a timely manner, to the highest quality, in a safe environment and at the lowest reasonable cost. Management sets key objectives each year at the management review to provide a framework to enhance customer satisfaction. These objectives are monitored at regularly held Quality Meetings and then communicated to all members of staff.

In the event of a non-conformance, either internal or external, the company is committed to ensure that each occurrence is adequately investigated, the root cause identified and sufficient corrective/preventative actions are carried out.

As part of the ongoing drive for continued improvement, ReAgent Chemical Services has implemented this Business Management System which conforms to ISO9001:2015. All of the clauses found within the International Standard are applicable within the scope of the businesses activities and the Business Management System.

To ensure continued compliance with ISO9001:2015, ReAgent Chemical Services must also comply with all legal, statutory and regulatory requirements relevant to the nature of the business. To meet this requirement the company also implements an Environmental Management system, ISO14001:2015. Where it is found to be appropriate, these systems have been integrated to avoid duplication of processes and procedures.