Environmental Policy

Reagent is a privately owned SME located on Whitehouse Industrial Estate, Runcorn. The nature of our business is manufacture and supply of chemical mixtures and repacking of chemical substances. This policy has been established by top management in line with the scope of our activities and is applicable to the size and nature of the organization. The policy forms the basis of our ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System.

Our commitment is fundamental to everything we do and the way in which we operate.

It is the Company policy to:

  • Meet compliance obligations from applicable environmental legislation, regulations, related industrial practices and voluntary commitments.
  • Minimize/reduce the impact that our business has on the environment, through the consideration of resource use including energy, water and raw materials and by a positive approach to waste management that considers reducing, re-using, recycling and disposal.
  • Protect the environment from pollution and minimize the risks of accidents or other problems, such as noise or nuisance resulting from our actions or emissions.
  • Preserve and restore the environment.
  • Effectively communicate the Company’s responsibility towards protecting the environment.
  • Ensure that our related management systems are robust, implemented and maintained as required to the appropriate standard.
  • Define actions and monitor our performance to ensure we meet our commitment to the environment.
  • Set environmental objectives relevant to the management system and review accordingly.
  • Continually improve the management system to enhance performance.
  • Make this policy available to those working for and on behalf of the company and other interested parties as a statement of our environmental commitment.

For more information about our Environmental Policy, please get in touch.